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Tire Services


Only a small patch of rubber is in contact with the road at any given time. Make sure your tires are up to the task.

The simplest form of tire care is proper inflation.  It keeps your tires wearing evening, prolonging their life and improving the fuel economy of your car.

Rotating your tires regularly (7 to 10,000 miles) will also help keep even wear on your tires.

Damage to the sidewall. This could be in the form of chunks of missing rubber, deep abrasions from hitting curbs. A bulge in the sidewall is likely related to a broken cord inside the tire. This is a serious condition that will almost certainly lead to tire failure.

Underinflated tires are one of the biggest causes of using excess fuel.

Underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance, which means it takes more effort from the engine to move your vehicle.

Over inflated tires causes the sidewalls and tread of the tire to become harder than normal. This can reduce the traction and performance of the tire, as well as cause uneven tire wear. Over inflated tires will also cause the vehicle to have a harsher, more unstable ride.

TPMS light flashing?  Could be time to replace the sensor.  If not replaced, proper tire information cannot be transmitted to the control module, leading to low tire pressure.


We are a recommended installer for Tire Rack. We would be happy to quote prices for you. Just give us your tire size and any other requests for tires!

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Oil Change,  Tune Ups & Factory Recommended Service

Simple routine maintenance can add years to the life of your car.


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